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Zachary Silva: Adviser & Coach

For New Business Owners & Entrepreneurs



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About Zachary Silva

Business Coach

I’ve been through a lot in business. My most recent one, Gigapixel.Studio LLC, is probably my 5th attempt at running a business. It’s been a bumpy road, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be. 

I’ve learned that there some key points you have to be able to distill about yourself, your business, and your clients. Without these, it’s hard to know where your business should go next and how it should get there.

My experiences before knowing those points was a long series of trials that consisted mostly of errors. But through it all I’ve learned the key elements will make you successful in almost any business. I’m here to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve already made, so your first business, or your next business, has the best chance of succeeding that it can. 

If you’ve got questions, then I’m here to answer them.

“Zachary Is a Person That Truly Cares About You and Your Goals.”
– Dustin TeBrugge

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My Coaching Services

No matter where you are in your business lifecycle, there’s always room for you to make improvements. I’m here to offer solutions to help you grow and thrive.










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Here’s a story…

(Let me know if it sounds familiar.)

It’s your first day in business…



You’re ready to take on the world…



You hit the ground running–





And a hundred yards later you realize…

That you had no clue how long a marathon actually is.


And it’s not just any marathon…

You just realized you’re running an Ironman Triathlon.




You’re not sure you’re going to make it…
But you’re committed to finishing the race you started.


I know what it’s like…
Because I’ve been there.




As a new business owner, getting your business up and running will probably be the hardest and most rewarding sprint you’ve ever run in your life.


Meanwhile, keeping it running will be a painful and progressively worse nightmare unless you’ve trained properly for a triathlon.


Every champion needs a coach.


Choose a coach that’s been in your race.

Zachary Silva: Adviser & Coach

For New Business Owners & Entrepreneurs



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