Zachary Silva.

Multimedia Business Consultant.
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About Zachary Silva.

Multimedia Business Consultant.

Ever since I first picked up a camera, I wanted to be a master of it. My first foray into media was photographing my friends at the skatepark to make sweet GIFs for their MySpace profiles. My time on MySpace led me to learn HTML, CSS, and soon after PHP and WordPress. Years later, I would become a filmmaker.

Even though I was happy shooting and editing content for myself and local businesses, I wanted to do more. So I started to learn about multicamera workflows, and live broadcast production. This led me down a rabbit hole of learning about multimedia production and understanding the workflows that go into it.

Today I help people and their businesses overcome media related problems of all sorts. From not having enough of it, to not knowing what to do with too much of it. From run-and-gun videos to specifying and installing multicamera broadcast studios as well as training operations teams, I basically do it all. If you’re looking for a specialist that’s razor focused on one area of production, I know a lot of good people. If you’re looking for the smartest and most innovative generalist you’ve ever met, I’m your guy. 


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“Zachary Is A Person That Truly Cares About People and Their Businesses.” – Hugh Ward,
Owner, Push Push Salon.

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